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DrawYourUsername Challenge - AKPEros by AKPEros DrawYourUsername Challenge - AKPEros by AKPEros
My entry for :iconkalmanhukka:'s art challenge. As the title says, I drew my username, which consists of my initials and the name of my kitten. The flowers are there because I do like drawing them and the birthday cards I make for my family/relatives almost always feature flowers. The shoelace is actually one of my Eros' favourite toys, for some reason he prefers it to almost all of the ones I bought for him. lol

This was a ton of fun and I'm pretty sure this is my best work so far. It's also one of the most complex pieces I've done. I think I might get a frame for this and hang it on my wall or something. XD

Done with traditional media (ink pen and colouring pencils) on paper. I'm happy I finally got to finish this. When I was about a third into inking it my ink pen ran out and I had to wait days to get a new one, but I finally have it, so I can continue with my usual style again. ^^

Eros and art (c) :iconakperos:
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November 21, 2015
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